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Contact: Vibin Kundukulam

Company Description

I am working with Professor John Kim on helping US schools teach students how to code, by focusing on redesigning computer science teacher training. I am working on this idea through an IP for now, which I hope to continue after I graduate.

The “learn to code” movement is on the rise, driven by rapidly increasing demand of programming skills in the job market. Although there has been progress, most K-12 schools are still underprepared to teach coding given a shortage of qualified teachers. Although research shows that having a great teacher is the single most important factor contributing to positive learning outcomes, many teachers find professional development (PD) programs aren’t helping them become “great”, especially at teaching computer science. In addition to being a large (and growing) societal issue, teacher PD is part of a $20-$50B annual market in the US. How can we better design

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