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Contact: Uri Pelli
Website: Enovalys

Company Description

eNovalys is building a next-generation chemistry database of both successful and failed experiments, along with a set of innovative analytical tools. The platform helps chemists plan and optimize new reactions, reduce the cost of the research and accelerate the time-to-market of drug development.
Data creators (academic chemists) use LabBook, an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), to record their experiments, manage their lab and materials and gain smart access to their data anywhere, anytime. Users that publish their data to our database gain access to LabSearch, our smart search engine, which allows them to learn not only from their own data, but also from that of the community.
LabSearch allows researchers to predict optimal conditions for new reactions based on past data (successes and failures). It can be used for both academic and commercial purposes.

Categories: Biotechnology