Section S Accelerator

Apply for the Section S Accelerator

Welcome to the Section S Accelerator!

The Section S Accelerator is designed to help HBS students working on their own startup find a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, build accountability to your own business and provide resources to help you succeed. Section S works alongside other HBS programs such as the Rock Accelerator and is open to all students. There are only two requirements to join Section S:

1) You must have a product. This can be a service or digital or physical product. If you do not have a product in mind, feel free to attend our open events and join the broader Entrepreneurship Club to get inspiration and learn more about entrepreneurship.

2) You must commit to working on your business while at HBS. This can have a very liberal definition! Only have 20 minutes per week? Fine by us – as long as you want to dedicate some of your time to building your business, how much is up to you.

What skills or resources do you feel would most benefit your business, or make you a more successful entrepreneur?

Would you like to be paired with a mentor, who will be available for monthly "board meetings" (these mentors are volunteering their time and skills and do not expect any compensation. This is highly recommended for Section S participants.)